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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Awoke at 5am this morning and the boat wasn't moving. Woke up again at 7am, not moving, lots of fog. We were put behind schedule by the fog so we won't land on Kizhi Island until 8pm, well past our scheduled 4pm stop. Read more... )


Aug. 4th, 2013 04:32 pm
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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Today we stopped in Goritsy to tour the picturesque monastery there, the Kirillov-Belozerky (Monastery of St. Cyril on the White Lake). Read more... )


Aug. 4th, 2013 03:50 pm
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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

We had a tour of Yaroslavl. Read more... )
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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I woke with a migraine. The morning program on the boat was lectures by "experts". I was happy to miss the first one because it was being given by a man that Cathyn and I had already identified in Moscow as the blowhard of the group. I'd already heard him talk enough in Moscow so I was perfectly satisfied to not go and listen to him blowing hard officially. The other lecture was a primer on Russian Orthodox religion, which I might have considered going to if I hadn't been lying in bed with a migraine. I did nip out to snap a pic of Ilyich waving us on our way from Moscow, and we hit our first lock on the canal which I find fascinating: Read more... )
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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Friday, 26 July 2013

Today was the big Red Square/Kremlin tour with the group and guide. We got to go inside St. Basil's Cathedral (btw, in Russian it's not Basil, it's Vasily), which I didn't even know you could do! Read more... )
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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Thursday, 25 July 2013.

First thing this morning, after another fabulous breakfast at the Aurora Hotel we walked to Red Square to go into the Lenin tomb, something I've always wanted to do. Except when we got there Red Square was closed and nobody was allowed into the square - barricades and everything. It was closed because they were setting up for a big event to commemorate 1025 years of the Orthodox religion in Russia. There is to be a big concert tonight in the square. So we walked back to the hotel and wrote some postcards. After that we headed out to Lubyanka Square to see the former KGB headquarters building, which we both wanted to see as the Communist-era stuff is just really interesting. Read more... )
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(Note: Part of a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal.)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013.

After a nap from 7-9pm we woke up and decided that we weren't likely to get another chance to be in Moscow anytime soon, so instead of laying about in bed like we were inclined, we got up and went out. It was still light out so that was a good start! Read more... )
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(Note: Here begins a series of entries from my handwritten travel journal, since I was unable to bring my computer and unwilling to type it up on my phone)

Wednesday 24 July 2013. Possibly the most image-heavy post I have ever made. )
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This morning when I got dressed [ profile] cathyn said, "You should remember that outfit!" so I told him to take a picture. Fripperies )


May. 16th, 2013 03:28 pm
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Sometimes I'm so pleased with an outfit that I take a picture so I can remember what I did so I can do it again. This one features a new dress I just got from ModCloth. When I put it on then sat down to put on my makeup I noticed that there was WAAAAY too much cleavage showing for the workplace so I threw on a silk scarf to fill in the neckline. Along with a sweater to cover my arms, plus leggings and boots on my legs, I feel like I had to work extra-hard to make this dress workplace-appropriate. I like the result though.
Today's outfit )
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Stand back, I'm doing Science!

As I mentioned last week, I set out to do some experimentin' this weekend. The question: Would starch tinted with beets wash clean out of linen? Make your wagers now! )
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Here's a write-up about the sewing project I just completed.

Click for pictures and words )
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We've got these high ceilings in our house, and not enough art, so many of our large walls have nothing on them. I've been staring at the large empty wall in our bedroom for almost 10 months now thinking, man, that's a huge space just waiting for some large piece of art, but never finding anything that was 1) a good fit and 2) aesthetically pleasing to us both and 3) affordable.

Well, the last week or so I've been off work, and I'll admit that over the last 10 months I've though to myself several times, "If I only had the time I'd just get a giant canvas and Do Some Art myself for that space." And then last week I thought, "Why bother with the canvas? It's my house." So Monday as we were driving home from a Labor Day BBQ with some friends I screwed up my courage and said to [ profile] cathyn, "Would you mind if I did some art on the bedroom wall?" I didn't expect the response I got. I have to admit that because of past experiences (which never seem to go away and haunt the subconscious forever, apparently) I expected a negative or lukewarm response. He said, "Have at it! That would be awesome! Do you want me to drive you to Michael's for some paint, or supplies? Rock that shit!"

So I did. I went to Aaron Brothers (because Michael's is where creativity goes to die) and grabbed about $30 worth of paint pens.

Me: Hi, do you have paint pens?
Young Clerk: Yeah, we have the Sharpie ones here, and back here are the graffiti paint pens...
Me: Why, do I look like a criminal?
YC: no, um... (panics)
Me: It's ok, I totally am.

Poor kid. Anyway, Aaron Brothers totally hooked me up. And I spent yesterday and this morning making the wall less boring. I did an Art! )

I'd approximate that it's about 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall. I know you can't really see the details, it's hard to get it all in one shot and get the details. It's black paint pen with silver metallic paint pen for contrast. I think the silver gives it a slightly ethereal quality, which is great for a bedroom. Anyway, if you happen to stop by feel free to ask to come up and see my bedroom wall if you like. I won't take it the wrong way.

I don't know if it's good or bad, I try not to pass judgement on my own stuff. I just know I enjoyed making it, and it beats the hell out of a blank wall.

The really great thing, other than creating something, was [ profile] cathyn's response when he saw it. He was so enthusiastic and supportive. He apparently had no idea I had this in me. I did, but obviously it's not something one has the opportunity to do very often. Obviously, if this whole IT thing doesn't work out I can look into a career as a graffiti artist. I hear the hours are terrible, but the pay is awful.

And of course, I still have the pens so tweaking may occur over the next few...well, until Cathyn takes them away from me.


Aug. 23rd, 2012 02:20 pm
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I'm pleased to announce that I've just arranged to teach a class at WK Collegium on November 10:

The Ruff Job of the 16th Century Laundress
Overview, lecture, and demonstration of various arts and sciences of the late 16th Century laundress required to produce the iconic symbol of the era - the magnificent ruff! Thrill to tales of period methods for washing, starching, tinting, and setting of ruffs! Boggle at a setting demonstration! Fondle ruffs on hand! Giggle at woodcuts of monkeys! Be appalled as I read from Stubbes! Get your fingers sticky in starch (with and without dye)!

Something like that. So...see you there!
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Thanks to the enraged Protestants of the 16th Century, we know that the great ruffs of that era were dyed a rainbow of colors. According to Philip Stubbes, in his lengthy (and hilarious) polemic The Anatomie of Abuses the great monstrous Ruffes were "of all colours and hewes, as White, Redde, Blewe, Purple, and the like."

When I initially contemplated adding color to my starch I was thinking blue or yellow because those were common - blue using smalt or yellow using saffron (particularly in the early 17th Century if the frothy climax of Protestant indignation over the saffron dyed ruffs peaking around 1620 is any indication). And yet every time I talked about it with people invariably the thing people wanted to see was pink or purple ruffs. Me too!

Yeah, it totally worked! )
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Reykjavik isn't like any other European capital. I calls 'em as I sees 'em. )
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On our last day in Greenland we had enough time to go for a final hike, to properly bid it farewell. Much as I love Greenland, I cannot honestly conceive of a scenario in which I would visit again, I mean, without becoming some kind of obsessive weirdo. Read more... )
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I have only one other time, one other place, been so deeply in love with a landscape, and that was the highlands of Scotland, because I, apparently, love a desolate wasteland. This terrain sings to me, it attracts me, captivates me and leaves me longing for....what? I don't know. I clearly could never live here – I would never survive a winter. But the stark, deserted, razorlike beauty just...effects me. It gets me deep down inside where the part of me that identifies beauty lives. I desperately love the landscape of East Greenland. I had no idea what to expect, no idea what I would see or what it would be like here. I certainly didn't know to expect...this.


Now that I've bared my very soul, back to the travelogue...I loves me a barren, desolate wasteland. I really, really do. )
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Today we took an 8-hour boat ride, we visited a village located on a glacier fjord, then we cruised through the icebergs. But the first thing we saw was a humpback whale:

Motorboating Greenland!! )
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Today we are in Tasiilaq on the Eastern coast of Greenland. Prop planes, helicopters, icebergs, we got here!! )
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